public works

lynn brown- road master

Washington Township is striving to maintain safe and clean parks, streets and open spaces. We are responsible for paving roads, pavilion maintenance, snow removal, street cleaning and our recycling program.

Washington Township currently employs three full-time employees who are responsible for the maintenance of over 50+ miles of roads. Washington Township’s road crew will make every effort to provide top quality, professional, effective and timely services to the residents. Washington Township is dedicated to providing a safe, cost-effective roadway system for its residents.

The road crew of Washington Township cleans, inspects, paves, repairs and manages snow and ice removal on Township roads. They also address storm water runoff by repairing, cleaning and installing catch basins and drainpipes.

We as a Township are committed to the further enhancement and condition of our roads, buildings and park.

The hours of operation will be approximately 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday thru Friday (6:30am to 4:30pm Monday thru Thursday during daylight savings time)

2023 Road work



2023 Bridge work

  • Roedersville Road underpinning repair


2023 proposed road & bridge work

  • Blue Mountain Road open grate bridge replacement


mailbox policy

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Mailbox Policy


snow plowing

Washington Township’s road crew consists of three full-time CDL drivers and one part-time seasonal helper. The Township does not have a clear roads policy. This means the road crew will work to make all roads passable before beginning a clearing process.

Sweet Arrow Lake Road, Deturksville Road (443), and 895 are all plowed by PennDOT.

north roads

  • Mountain Road
  • Sawmill Road
  • Wolfed Road
  • Kutz Road
  • Roedersville Road
  • Turkey Farm Road
  • Spancake Road
  • Panther Valley Road
  • Kurtz Road
  • Stoney Top Road
  • Meadow View Road
  • Frantz Road (North)

middle roads

  • Birds Hill Road
  • Martins Road
  • Fiddlers Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road
  • Hetzels Church Road
  • Fox Road
  • Hickory Road
  • Shady Road
  • Wild Cherry Road (East)
  • Sunrise Road
  • Farm View Road (West)
  • Newswanger Road
  • Flat Hill Road
  • Frantz Road
  • Lengel Homestead Road
  • Ballpark Lane
  • Louck Road

East & south rds

  • Dad Burnhams Road
  • Oak Road
  • Ferebees Road
  • Kemmerling Road
  • Wild Cherry Road (West)
  • Schwartz Valley Road
  • Hill Top Road
  • Browns Road
  • Summerhill Road
  • Browns Church Road
  • Blue Mountain Road
  • Lowland Road
  • Moyers Station Road
  • Grist Mill Road
  • Hunters Road
  • Covered Bridge Road
  • Natures Road
  • Camp Road
  • Doe Drive


  • Shoreline Drive
  • Lake Front Road
  • Kutz Farm Drive
  • Pine Cove Drive
  • Pine Tree Drive
  • Mason Drive
  • Tyler Drive
  • Hidden Acres Lane
  • Harvey Drive
  • Evergreen Court
  • Fawn Drive
  • Trophy Drive
  • Loop Road
  • Koty Lane
  • Ian Lane
  • Tori Lane